Red Bull Event Vehicle Design

We’ve worked with Red Bull on an incredibly varied range of projects over the years, but conceptualising an event vehicle was something new.

From working with them on events, to shooting and writing content all the way through to our collaboration with the Red Bull Ampol Race Team, it’s always a pleasure to work with one of the most driven companies on earth. Yet our latest project with the Bulls was definitely a fun one.

The brief; mock up a new Australian event vehicle based on the Jeep Wrangler. So without any hesitation we added pop up DJ decks, rideable elements and more…
To see it go from concept to reality in only a couple of months was amazing, all thanks to Damo at Event Vehicles in Sydney. And while we lost the skateable elements, the end result was bang on what we envisaged.

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Event Vehicle Concepts
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Event Vehicle Illustration + Product Sheet
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