Thriller Motorsports

When Jack Miller wants to set up a race team for the final round of the ASBK, you jump onboard with a crew of like minded moto heads to make it happen no questions asked.

Collaborating with OwlpineGroup, FFOD pulled together Thriller Motorsports branding, Jacks Cat x Ducati concept and final art, leathers and pit walls alongside marquees, pit mats, multiple posters, merch and more. That ‘more’ was two more bikes, those of Marcel Schrotter and Josh Hook, plus Josh’s leathers.

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2022 Ducati Panigale V4 x Cat Livery
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Race Suits
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Josh Hook + Marcel Schrötter Bike Livery
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Thriller Motorsports Logo

Race weekend with the team was a blast, the energy and passion of all involved only topped by the laid back and fun vibe that had the Thriller Pits a party most of the time.
To see the bikes go from sketches to screen to living, fire breathing reality at close to 300kmh on the straight was more than a little epic.

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Pit Walls
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Trailer, Marquee, Pit Boards and Poster
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Cat x Ducati Poster
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